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  • decentralised examination planning (03.2013 - now)
    • coordination of the examination dates for the mathematics examinations
    • checking the examination dates requested by the mathematics staff for compliance with examination periods and other conditions from the examination regulations
    • liason to the examinations office

  • “Kapazitätsmanagement” (2013 - now)
    • requesting a “numerus clausus” in selected mathematics study programmes
    • checking the “Kapazitätsbericht”
    • contact person within the department of mathematics for any questions regarding “Curricularanteile”
    • modeling the study plan of the mathematics degree programmes as well as the service teaching in the excel table of the administration for computing the demand for mathematics teaching (2013 - 2015)

  • public relations and advertising efforts (03.2013 - now)
    • organisation and development of the mathematics activities at science days and open days (since summer semester 2014 supported by the “Team für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit”)
    • head of the new “Team für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit” (Public Relations Team) (since summer semester 2014)
    • giving special lectures and workshops for school students (since summer semester 2014 until 07.2021 supported by the “Team für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit”)

  • leading and organising the “Paderborner Mathezirkel” (Maths Circle of Paderborn University) for school students (03.2016 - now)
    • advertising the “Paderborner Mathezirkel” with a professional flyer, which I developed myself (print edition: 1000 copies) and a personalised letter sent to school teachers of specialised mathematics courses
    • organising and and personally supervising all meetings of the “Paderborner Mathezirkel”
    • developing the topics for the majority of the meetings of the “Paderborner Mathezirkel” and leading the majority of these meetings

  • coordination of the activities of mathematics at the “Herbst-Uni” und “Frühlings-Uni” for female school students (10.2014 - jetzt)

  • member of the departmental steering committee

  • participation in accreditations
    • developing a quality management system for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics (03.2013 - 12.2013)
    • providing English translations of the examination regulations and diploma supplements for the Master degree programmes in mathematics and technomathematics (10.2013 - 12.2013; 04.2019 - 07.2019)
    • member of the group for preparing the accredition of the degree programme for prospective teachers for “Haupt-, Real-, Sekundar- und Gesamtschulen” (middle school level) (12.2019 – 06.2020)



  • contact person for schools (03.2013 -- 07.2021; since summer semester 2014 supported by the “Team für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit”)
    • visiting programme for specialised mathematics courses, including a talk about studying mathematics, attending a lecture, a campus tour and optionally having lunch at the Mensa
    • giving talks about studying mathematics at information days for school students (since summer semester 2014 supported by the “Team für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit”)
    • giving special lectures and workshops for school students

  • contact person/advisor for prospective students of the degree programme in mathematics or technomathematics (02.2018 - 07.2021)

  • contact person and coordinator for MINT @ Uni PB within mathematics (12.2015 - 07.2021)

  • member of the steering group “Mentoring Perspektive M” (10.2015 - 02.2018, 03.2020 - 06.2022): “Mentoring Perspektive M” is a mentoring programme of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics for female students.

  • member of the steering group “Frauen gestalten die Informationsgesellschaft” (10.2014 - 02.2018, 03.2020 - 06.2022): This steering group organises the “Herbst-Uni” and “Frühlings-Uni” (Autumn University and Spring University) for female school students. Apart from coordinating the activities of the Department of Mathematics, I have given several lectures and workshops for the school students at the “Herbst-Uni” and “Frühlings-Uni” myself.

  • participation in various temporary working groups and committees:
    • head of a working group for developing the concept and the course material for a new block course for training tutors in mathematics (03.2016 - 09.2017)
    • member of the selection committee for a permanent position as “Akademische Rat / Akademische Rätin” (12.2015 - 03.2016)
    • working group on “Probleme am Studienbeginn” (problems at the beginning of the university studies) (06.2014 - 05.2015)

  • manager for the study web pages (03.2013 - 05.2014)

  • head of the Web Team (10.2013 - 05.2014)

C. HHL LEIPZIG GRADUATE SCHOOL of MANAGEMENT: as EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of CASiM (Center for Advanced Studies in Management)

  • attending and minute taking at meetings of the executive board of CASiM
  • organising and planning of international conferences and events
  • selecting and managing an event management software
  • writing of advertising materials for the research centre CASiM in English and German (e.g. mission statement, power point presentation about CASiM)
  • liason for scientific contacts
  • advertising awards and scholarships and managing the submitted applications
  • coordinating the submissions for a special issue of a journal
  • writing and managing the CASiM webpages with Typo3
  • all secretarial/administrative tasks at the reseach center CASiM


  • member of the Departmental Teaching Committee (September 2007 - June 2011)
  • departmental representative in the School Teaching and Learning Committee (November 2009 - June 2011)
  • member of the departmental Exam Board (September 2007 - June 2011)
  • MSOR (Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research) Network Contact at the Department of Mathematics (September 2008 - June 2011)